Moms share your experience: thin hair leaving of the giving birth


In addition to hormonal changes, there are other factors that can also play a negative role.

- Later giving birthday, the female body wants approximately time to restore a balance of micro-, macro-elements and vitamins. Because of the lack of serious minerals and substances may suffer thin hair and nails.

- A health of the thin hair (as good so nails and skin) affects a main condition of my mom. Adapting to a new your and a new dietary, stress, chronic fatigue and constant lack of sleep - all of which may be a cause for increased hair loss.

- If the girl 18 years old gave birthday by Caesarean section with basic anesthesia, it may also be a consequence of the deterioration of the hair.

- Warm-feeding also may not help but reflect on my mom's face. In warm milk mum gives a lot of their nutrients and, so, it need constantly replenish a stock to grasp not only a baby but also to herself. If a body is experiencing an acute shortage of nutrients, it begins to signal to a thin hair loss and other ailments (headaches, etc.). Because of the lack of liquidity thin hair get very dry, brittle, and if a small salt, the thin hair loses elasticity and strength.

Rapid deterioration of the thin hair and hair loss - a organic process, and, most importantly, time. By six months, the problem has come to naught, and the thin hair, nails and facial skin gradually return to doberemennoe state.

In a case, my mother should be given a small time to yourself, the person and pick up upkeep of a thin hair and nails.

Hair after childbirth: a restoration of the inside

A lot of moms prefer to do up for a loss of nutrients by taking vitamins. In principle, this is a reasonable approach. There are specific vitamins and minerals for nursing mums, aimed precisely that.

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