Mothers share a experience: thin hair attention after giving birthday



I do my good cover at home from natural REPAIRS!


Tatiana Rada all!

With my nails all was in order, but after the thin hair comes with a tremendous fall out. The blessing I enjoy a personal hairdresser, experienced young girl who advised me a any recipes that helped me a lot. May they still be healthy to someone.

1st way: nettle brew, let cool then wash it throw this broth, like Thirty minutes, It is possible to rinse with water, and it is consummate to very dry yourself. Repeat these procedures each 2 days.

Second way is warmed burdock. Rub a head. 1:00 to go. So rinse with shampoo. Covers do not rezhe1-2 minutes a week.

3-rd technique is to rub into a roots of thin hair mayonnaise, a most common, which we use however diet food. Just 1-2 minutes a week.

All of these methods, I alternated on protyazhenii2 week and my problem disappeared. And what you wish.



Newly watched a program size the hair. Share (proportion, unfortunately I do not remember): the mask. Burdock butter, vitamin A, vitamin E (they are sold over a counter), if a hair fall out, so add a brandy. Apply to chitsye thin hair, warmed, hold for 1/2 an hour, rinse. I simply did a purchase cover added vitamins. Inflicted on clean hair, keep for 5 minutes. From once hair is silky and shinier.

For split ends: brew gelatin, add it to a regular conditioner used to the thin hair chitsye hold for 20 min - throw in volume smyt.takzhe

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