Mums share their experience: hair care later giving birth


At the present time on the market there are many therapies and external remedies for thin hair restoration of the the birth. Serum, masks, shampoos used to a skin of a head and local effects on a roots of the hair - a thin hair nourished, improves microcirculation, strengthens a root system. If you are certain harmless part of these funds, It is possible to safely use them.

If the intensity of hair loss does not stop, and the men's recipes do not work, you need see a specialist doctor trichologist. It will evaluate the state of a scalp and hair and prescribe individual treatment of hair of the childbirth. But this is an extreme case, normally, all the problems with the hair yet disappear for six weeks. So all that the mother must be - is to focus on a baby regularly caring for hair, nails and face. Recovery will not be long in coming!

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