How old makeup differs from winter



In winter, the use of moisturizers was associated with some limitations. Moisturizing ingredients in the cold-blooded shape microcrystals, which may damage the epidermis, provoking a look of microcracks. To give your skin the required moisture and it does not hurt her in a cold-blooded, windy weather, moisturizer should be used at night, or at least 20-30 minutes earlier going outside. This time is required to it to absorb. But with a advent of heating moisturizer becomes a primary means of service, and it can be used at any time of day, and for dry skin - and several times a day.


Winter early, we used a nourishing serum and moisturizer in a evening. In spring all a technique around. Moisturize the facial skin during a day and a nourishing serum is applied to the night. Especially is needs of nourishing fluid very dry facial skin. When choosing a cream, pay efforts to its composition. Nutrients - are extracts of plants with which a unsaturated fatty acids, glycoproteins, lipids. The alone kind of lipids, the presence of which is undesirable in cosmetics, and at any time of a year - is a mineral oil. You create on the skin surface film that prevents the flow of oxygen, breaking the skin breath. It creates a greenhouse effect may cause the evolution of inflammation and cause acne.

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