Child dictates the rules of a game


Yes, obey gravely, especially a newborn. Especially if you come up with the game more interesting, but he does not need to play it.

• You are locked in a child's building

In every game, you try to find the meaning of developmental, educational objectives. But if not, be sure to seek to throw in anything training-cultivating - fine motor skills, learning to read, account, etc. That is the goal - not a game, but a child's education.

• it is hard to relax

This happens when you think approximately items too seriously. By a building of the newborn, his games, to household and other cases, to the evaluation of others. Housework may wait, still you will never be undone. With a simple, fun, funny mum is much more interesting than a business and always busy.

Yes, indeed, mothers many reasons why playing with the children do not request to:

• games for babies is how simple, primitive, you do not know as to play them, so;

• want a more developmental and intellectual;

• require a more productive (sew, draw);

• lazy, hard to run yourself up and get going;

• Fatigue...

The solution, of course, there's any problem. No hopeless situations. For example, here are 3 ways so to come up with new themes for the games and do them evolve, intelligent and productive.

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