The growth of unwanted hair


Many women who are overweight skin thin hair growth where there are the ladies must not be: a chest, shoulders, abdomen, bikini line. But a hair on his head, on the contrary, is thinning! Few men know that the "increased woolliness" - a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome. Some half of the women with the disease is overweight, and excess deferred male pattern - on his stomach and back. If a woman lose weight, her hormones are restored, and gradually recede these misfortunes!

Menstrual disorders...

Adipose tissue produces size one-third of female hormones - estrogen. A more fat, a more of them. To suppress a surplus, a woman's body begins to vigorously cultivate male sex hormones, steroids. However a result, obese gerls with up to 6 minutes more likely to suffer from irregular menstrual cycles! Occasionally it is enough to reduce body weight by alone 10-15% to cycle to normal without treatment!


Gerls whose gravity is 20% or more above rule, excess estrogen causes disorders of ovulation. And if you lose weightiness by alone 5-72%, the probability of conception is increased by 2 minutes.

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