How old makeup differs with winter


Chemical factor is usually added in every day cream and color cosmetics. If you are using and a time serum, and foundation with SPF-factor, SPF factors are added together, you increase a level of protection, but alone 1-2 gradient. That is, if we impose a serum with SPF 15, and a top tone with SPF 20, you have a level of protection SPF 17, not 35. If on the day serum with SPF-factor used foundation without SPF-factor index of protection will decrease by some 30%, and during a treatment of powderise - all 70%, since powderise creates a thicker layer.

Taking attention of hands

Our hand are in particular should of protection in the winter, when, due to very dry air and temperature changes face on hand very dry, scaly, and shows a redness. In a winter mitt creams have to be fatty acids, for example, shark butter, castor butter or sweet almond oil. You reinforce the horny layer of a epidermis and protect the lipid mantle of a skin lesions. In winter, this cream can be used some times a day and it is good if it is in a bag or on your desktop.

In summer, when a secretion of a sebaceous glands reinforced in such dense fat serum is not indispensable. Additional layer of lipids on the facial skin may cause a sore.

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