Feel free to connect various topics, and you will have new and unusual game.


A third way - rukodelnichaem.

If you are not very fun to play, it's potential you'll similar to make props and costumes for games:

• sew doctoral gown and cap, chef's hat or scarf and apron, fairy costume, princess, superhero cape, do suits of armor;

• create boxes garage for cars, furniture for dolls, cook room establish, a treasure chest, a castle, a ship;

• Draw a map of a city, an island in a blue sea, a forest and the river.

When you master anything for the child with his hands, he will feel that his mother loved him, gives him the time and note, and trying to put attention of him.

And so to play with new toys, It is possible to be sure he will be able to come up with that myself. You must alone to maintain his game. And if you should to create it even more variety, however it is done, you know.

Elena Mulyukin, author of online training for mothers on expanding games with the babies

Magazine for moms and dads "to raise a child", March 2013

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