So, what are my impressions and observations later a some times of efficacious test drive universaney.



+ Universal: snow travel flattened runners to cover a rest - a wheels;

+ No wish to leave a sled at a entrance to a store or shopping center, you can drop into;

+ Large wheel sizing (150mm) allows you to drive even more or less hard-packed snow, through puddles, pits and other irregularities;

+ Pen can be set on both the front and rear;

+ Great idea to stand legs. While a child is small and does not reach a base, you can conveniently put here a small bag of groceries.


- It takes time to learn however to easily and speedily switch mechanism from position to position sled on wheels, because you require to do two things (bend one arm and push a second);

- So tightly into the handle, had to knock a couple of minutes with a hammer to secure it into a grooves;

- During shopping trips, with stops at a counter sleds, daughter strove immediately jump off and move on. But it is more closely related to a characteristics of a baby, not the sled design. You can, so an variant, strive to hang the belt with a buckle, in a wheelchair, which will prevent the newborn to jump out of a sleigh without permission;

- Narrow gauge prevents alas lower or raise the normal ramps in a form of rails, but, in a end, it's first sled, not provided for travel on paved roads and ramps.

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