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When the computer or a phone becomes a means to control the behavior of a newborn, a parent is a hostage situation. Earning helf behavior opportunity to be alone with one some electronically, baby begins to actively resist attempts to cut adult "play" time, and all proposals for alternative employment perceive hostility. In order to prevent the formation depending on the "technique", moms and dads request to change its role in a newborn's life. Let the telephone, television, game console and a computer to solve specific problems!

The development of cognitive functions

Do not let a fumes aimlessly pushing a button. Offer games that can cultivate his horizons and help to master a variety of skills.

• Training of attention.

Successive instances of images in variant parts of a screen to help the child learn to speedily and accurately focus on new objects. Games built on a principle of "Help hedgehog to gather all the fresh apples" - gym equipment for development of striving.

• Familiarity with various colors.

Show your child a graphical editor (for example, a program that allows the mouse to draw, like a brush or a pencil). Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: how to face from a hospital


Time, when the mom is discharged from the hospital with a baby in her arms - a very memorable and important. In a end, it is the entry into a new life and a cause to be proud! For father and close statement is no less serious, which is why they are ofttimes placed the original meeting of mom and baby.

If a birthday took place naturally and without complications (no breaks and no stitches), a mother may write on a third time. If the child was born by Caesarean section, the time will finish up to a week. These terms are relevant, provided that in both cases a newborn is healthy and does not require additional monitoring and care. Otherwise, crumbs can either leave the children's department (and mother to write), or transferred to Infants's Hospital.

If the birth was planned and on time, then ideally you enjoy a home to be collected all the indispensable things for discharge. If labor is caught by surprise the family, it is important, but a lovely download falls on a husband and / or relatives.

- Car Seat

Moms and dads are required to install the car seat for newborns in the car, which will go home with a child. Читать полностью -->

Mums share a experience: a bag to a hospital



In prenatal leaving (if a pre-lay):

Charging the phone








Bathroom paper

Very dry wipes


Hot socks


Cotton Buds

Shower gel, or you can put a newborn fluid soap, not to drag too much

Nightgown, robe

Deodorant antipesperant

Skin cream

Hand serum


Laying everyday

Stockings for delivery

Netbook or tablet + iota

Serum for stretch marks

In genera

Exchange card

A birth certificate

Medical policy




Booster charge

Stockings for delivery



In postnatal (with prenatal to postnatal package will bring, if the pre-placed, if not before, so this list is to repeat a prenatal)

Charging a phone

Gaskets postnatal

Disposable Panties

Disposable fresh pads







Toilet paper

Cream Bepanten

Dry wipes


Heartwarming socks

Underwear (for feeding)

Wipes for baby


Serum for Diaper

Aging body lotion for child

Cotton buds with stops dl newborn

Liquid soap baby (can be used as a shower gel)

2 Dummy


Face cream

Mitt cream

Nail scissors for babies


Socks for child



Serum for stretch marks

Netbook or tablet + iota

To extract (in winter):

Baby's loose jacket




Baby's bootees


Soft hat

Envelope, winter overalls or blanket


Diaper soft flannel

Fluid frost

Clothes for myself


All tips with mums

Several moms recalled so following the birthday like a snack - and it was just enough crackers, desiccated fruit, milk yoghurt, curds or little chocolates. With the medic's permission, of course. By a way, It is possible to grab a any chocolates for midwives, it would be beautiful to hear from you a some sweet thanks.

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First baby porridge


Until recently, the porridge has a put in a dietary of crumbs later alone one component of mashed fresh vegetables. Newly, as, a lot of doctors recommend that moms and dads are increasingly becoming familiar with the dishes crumb feeding it with cereal. This is due to the fact that the mess of their consistency and tasting sensations caused by the closest to warm natural milk.

Moreover, it contains vitamins and minerals meet a demands of a growing body of a indispensable enrichment of a schedule for. Following the 5-6th month of your the baby is needs of some trace elements may not be satisfied alone with fresh milk.

According to the recommendations of a National Programme feeding of children in Russia (Revised 2011), the sequence of individual items and a introduction of complementary diet food dishes depends on the lustiness, nutritional status of the baby (a ratio of height and weight), and a functional state of his digestive system. Thus, children with low birthday weightiness and increased stool however the 1-st basic foods need be introduced industrial cereal fortified with iron, calcium, zinc and iodine. But in babies with a big body weight and are prone to constipation foods to start with a vegetable puree.

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So to make buckwheat?


Earlier cooking buckwheat must be cleaned of impurities and debris and rinse good. While preparation grits - 20-Thirty minutes on low warmth with a lid closed, and without stirring. If before preparation light fried buckwheat in the pan, it will be more crumbly and fragrant.

Buckwheat can be prepared so follows: Pour boiling water overnight (1 cup cereal - 2-3 cups of water) and carefully wrap up, in the first porridge is ready. In this way, better preserved healthy affinity of buckwheat.

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