However old makeup differs from winter


Summer for mitt upkeep fluid is desirable to apply a lighter texture. Any cosmetic companies keep separate hand creams for winter and summer. Choosing the fluid at a store, make sure that its composition does not incorporate glycerin. This insidious component. The 1st capacity is that you have by using a cream with glycerin - smooth and silky facial skin. But in a long term, it is harmful to the face, how it prevents the penetration of oxygen and accelerates aging.

Accurately chosen home care facilities are often able to bring a skin more helf than professional treatments that are made from time to time. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share your experience: babies's dowry


Changing table / chest of drawers - on this subject is not one recommendation. Any are changing a board, placing it on top of the bed, and someone handy version with a dresser, because of the a time of swaddling is a functional bit of furniture - a dresser.



Bought a 3-rd child to the externality:

1. Dresser with a changing desk - a table served us up to 3 weeks, following which he became just a locker)

2. Pampers 3 gm 5 kg, single of the smallest sizing diaper, wet wipes, liquid child soap - it all came back yet in a hospital. Later, strive newborn soap-scum and use as far alone to them.

3. Ring sling - had a bad experience with a carriage with a older infants and the fifth wood floor with no elevator)

4. Читать полностью -->

External studies.


Most often, this mode offers children, are characterized by high intelligence, but do not request or are not able to find common ground with the team and keep a school requirements. For kids who spend most of their time at a hospital, external may also be the best.

Dear moms and dads, the baby's soundness is in the hands. That infants grow up strong and healthy, to respect a time to thoroughly allocate a combination of mental stress with physical activity. Avoid exhaustion of the nervous system, focusing on full sleep. Do not forget about a balanced regime, remember - the food need be various, delicious and calorie. Do not forget size the hardening, it is an momentous tool for the prevention of colds. Читать полностью -->

Moms share your experience: thin hair attention of the giving birthday


A lot of women who are moms, complain of problems with the thin hair. Indeed, of the the delivery, a sharp deterioration of the thin hair: you get brittle, lose their luster and start to fall. Recommend that moms who get been done this?

Why does hair fall out later birth

As a lot of processes in a aging body gerls manage hormones. Especially when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Changes everything: both outside and inside. Internal changes entail and external. Читать полностью -->

Mums share their experience: babies's dowry


About time ago, we asked mothers of our website to make a list of items, subjects and assistants who, in the opinion, are the most desired in the first times and weeks of newborn's life. It is time to put stock!

So Highscore shopping for childbirth.

Clothes and underwear

Bedding - 2 sets

Blanket - one thin, one soft

Diaper h / b and flannel - 5 pieces

Sliders, aging body, slips - for 5-6 items

Blouses / vests with long sleeves - 2 pieces

Caps / hats - 2 thin, one warm

Antitsarapki - 1 pair

Socks - 2 pairs

Towel for swimming - 2 pieces

Envelope or overalls (the coldness season)

Service and first aid kit

Diapers - for starters, It is possible to buy a small pack, and later it will become clear what and how much will be spent

Fluid for Diaper

Ointment "Bepanten" hlorofillipta solution

Baby wipes

Saline to moisten a nasal mucosa

Means for swimming for babies

Cotton sticks and discs

Infants's scissors

Thermometer for water


Detergent newborn clothes and linen

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